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Anonymous asked:

hi! I'm from Colombia! I am obssesed with you guys! I wanted to ask, if you hadn't enlisted for the marines, what would you ended up doing?


Ty: I would like to think I’d have wound up playing football in college and getting a degree in something. But I’m pretty sure I’d still be in Bluefield.

Kelly: I probably would have wound up right where i am. I like working with kids and I like being outside, and I love making a difference in people’s lives.

Owen: I was looking at business. It just didn’t strike me as exciting enough, so I figured what the hell, I’d try the Marines and get that need for adventure out of my system. Turns out, it never gets out of your system, it just gets deeper and darker.

Digger: I’d have been on a shrimp trawler, probably. Not much in the way of prospects where I come from.

Nick: I’d have wound up dead in a gutter in Boston. Or worse, I’d have survived and made a name for myself.

Kelly: You are the worst at answering these questions. You’d have been a teacher, and a damn good one. Or one of those crazy alien conspiracy theory guys.

Owen: How is that different from what he is now?

Digger: Now he can say he’s got government clearance?

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